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The Hoosier Schoolmaster... pictures the country school in which custom prescribed a constant warfare between the master and the big boys, the community spelling-school, the different forms of bigoted and illiterate preaching that were offered to the new settlers, the amusing attempts at formality in the proceedings of the courts, and other features of pioneer life as the author had seen them.... There is a great variety of characters who, while they are drawn pretty much in unshaded black and white, have enough truth to human nature to seem real. A sufficient humor pervades the whole, the action never drags and the book... deserves the great vogue it has had since its publication in 1871.

William B. Cairns.
The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)

A reasonably priced high-quality edition of Jules Verne's most well-known work.
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Pending our incorporation as a 501 c 3 non-profit,

contributions to Flatwater Press are not tax-deductible; hence, our fund-raising efforts are effectively limited to net revenues generated from the sale of items at a fair market value. As we seek ultimately to promote the work of Nebraska authors, publishing, distributing and marketing books seems the best place to begin. The Flatwater Press Classics Library is a collection of reasonably-priced high-quality paperback editions of timeless works of literature, and your purchase of these books will further our efforts greatly.


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