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  1. The Nothing That Is
  2. The Bride Comes to Black Hawk
  3. The Dressmaker’s Daughter
  4. Joplin
  5. He Taught Me All I Know
  6. Five Forty-eight
  7. Where I've Found It
  8. Ham Hocks and Guitar Strings
  9. Deep and Dreamless Sleep
  10. The Only Light We’ll See
  11. From Hence, Ye Beauties, Undeceived
  12. The Spaces Between the Breathing
  13. What We Are
  14. Forever Your Girl
  15. The Sweet Smoldering Scent of the Martyr
  16. That Time of Year
  17. Evening Spreads its Sail Against the Sky
  18. And the Rainbow Runs Away
  19. We Have Met the Envied, and They Are Us
  20. Dance With Me Forever
  21. Would You Come For The Ride?
Prepare to laugh, prepare to cry, but don't get too comfortable. Stephens allows her readers time to settle in before she delivers the big punch: rest assured, it's coming. She digs deep time and time again yet leaves one with the impression that it bubbles to the surface all on its own. I suspect this collection will remain dear to me for years to come.
-Kimberly Todd Wade

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